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1983. South Africa. Carol and 18 month old Abigail. 

Carol Janet & Abigail Mazer from generation to generation it all stacks up.   

Like most memorable South African family moments, Bottle Cups started around the kitchen table with a cup of tea.

The designer mother and daughter team began their entrepreneurial life together decades ago. 

Abigail grew up in her Mother’s studio adding her own interpretation to projects currently being developed. While other kids were outside playing, Abigail was busy creating pop-up cards and experimenting with new ways to design and build products.

Over the years they have merged their experience and skills and embraced the ever-changing way consumers shop.

So it was no surprise when Abigail’s toddler knocked over a tower of paper cups that Bottle Cups began its journey, and the team grew from Grandmother to Mother to Daughter.